The Crocodile Who Found His Smile

Crosby is a lively croc, but lonely for some friends

He has no luck in making mates, he always meets dead-ends 

He thinks that living all alone will be his only fate

‘Til mum and dad step in with a surprise he thinks is great!


The brilliantly illustrated, large format (A4) children's picture book "The Crocodile Who Found His Smile" is for kids aged 4 to 8+.


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It's a fun rhyming tale with lots of educational information about saltwater crocodiles and a great choice for parents who want to inspire their children's early love for literature and art.  Sample 

About HancyPancy

HancyPancy lives with her partner, twin toddlers and 3 cats amongst the kookaburras, cockatoos, possums and spiders in Sydney, Australia. She loves big ferocious animals as much as small cuddly ones, reading rhymes and writing witty words.  Children's books are her passion.

Whilst waiting for her bubs to arrive, HancyPancy put pen to paper and the story of Crosby, the crocodile who found his smile, was conceived.  Shortly thereafter, in collaboration with her long-time friend and artist Ann Snell, Crosby came to life.  

Coming soon are more tantalizing tales about sharks, possums, kookaburras and echidnas.

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